How To Make $50-$300 Daily New Step By Step Strategy

Making money online is not a myth or a scam. It is a reality and a possibility for anyone who has a computer or mobile device, a stable internet connection, and a willingness to learn and work hard.

To make between $50 to $300 daily, you can use a top number one strategy that I’m going to share with you.

As a start, you can use a site called to find the best offers for this strategy and you can promote them to end commissions.

You can use this website effectively to find the best product that matches your Niche by clicking on the down-headed arrow and choosing offers based on the different categories.

How to find offers based on a search term

To filter offers based on a key term, you can search for the key term in the search area, and click on the search button.

Take a look at offers being listed in the giveaway category, and how much they are paying you as shown in this video tutorial.

Be sure to Only choose the offer that you are interested in promoting, also, you can see the network name for you to join and start promoting the offer.

Also, use a site called Munch Eye to find products or offers to promote.

You can go and click on the offer itself and sign up to that network if you are not a member of that Network and see how you can grab the affiliate link.

The next step is to see how you can promote this offer for you to end commissions, and the platform we are going to be using is called

Using Pinterest To Promote Your Offers

We are going to use the Pinterest website for this method or strategy to get traffic to our various offers

We are using this traffic source because it has a domain authority of 100 and has an organic search traffic volume of up to 802.1 million searches based on the traffic coming to this website monthly.

This means we have a higher chance of reaching many potential buyers online

Once you have grabbed your affiliate link from the various affiliate platforms to promote, you need to build a landing page to collect email addresses before sending traffic to the various offers.

There are two landing page builders you can use for this purpose ( &

With and, you can build an email list and a landing page for you to collect emails before redirecting traffic from Pinterest to your affiliate links.

To create pins, you have to create an account on, and once you have signed up for an account on canva, you can go ahead to start creating pins.

You want to make sure to search for Pinterest pins by the size of 1000 by 1500 pixels and choose any of the Pinterest pins templates you like.

Customizing Your Pinterest Pins To Earn Money Online

You can customize the template to fit what offer you want to promote by changing the text, colors, size, etc You can also add buttons and other features.

Uploading Your Pins To Pinterest to earn money online

You can now upload the image that you have just downloaded from Canva, before uploading, give it a title, a description, an alternate text

Insert the destination link of your landing page inside the URL area of your pin before publishing the pin.

The role of your landing page URL is to collect targeted emails so that you can promote other similar products related to your niche

Before uploading your pins, make sure to give them an optimized title, description, and alternate text for betting rankings.

Using an optimized title, description, and alternate text will guarantee your pin to be shown to people searching for key terms.

Make sure to post between 3-5 pins per day. If you post three to five times per day on Pinterest, you will make a huge amount of traffic.

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