How to Make $20K A Month with Quora

This Tutorial Will show you My $20k in a month step-by-step strategy with the power of Quora.

The first step I took was to make sure that I came to my search browser and searched for the key term ClickBank Or JVZOO

You want to make sure that you go to ClickBank OR JVZOO to register an account as an affiliate.

Once you register an account you want to make sure that you logged in and go to your dashboard

The important step to take after logging in is to copy our affiliate link for the product that we want to promote based on different categories such as health, fitness, business marketing, self-help, Home and Garden,cooking, food, etc

In this video tutorial, I used the health and fitness category and I made sure to filter products of my choice based on gravity from high to low so that products of high prizes will be displayed first.

Once I found the product I was interested in promoting, I went ahead to click on the promote button.

When I clicked on promote, a page was shown to me where I moved ahead to create or generate my hop link or affiliate link.

After generating my hop link, I made sure I copied it and pasted it on a note before moving to the next step which was to create a free Quora account.

Creating A Quora space to make money online

To create a free account on Quora, you will need an email address to sign up, also make sure that you verify the email address to have access to all the Quora features.

After creating my Quora account, I went ahead to create a space of my own, giving it a name and a brief description.

Once my Quora space was ready and published, I moved to the next step which was to start creating valuable content to promote affiliate products

How I Created Valuable Content to Make Money on Quora

High-quality content creation around the products I wanted to promote was made easy by the help of powerful AI tools like chatgpt. You can also use other related content-creation tools.

The trick I implemented was to copy my affiliate link URL and open it on a new tab

I then copy the landing page URL of the product and ask chatbot to write me optimized content for given keywords while inserting the landing page URL in the box field of chatgpt and submit.

By inserting the URL of the landing page inside of chatgpt, the AI tool was able to understand the exact product to make content for it.

I did not only end here, I made sure I gave specific keywords to chatgpt to write content about after manually studying the product landing page and picking out specific keywords from it.

As seen in this video tutorial, I manually studied the landing page of the product I wanted to promote and picked out keywords from it, after which I went ahead and asked chatgpt to write me content around the key terms

When I did this, the AI content creation tool was able to give me the best content I could ever imagine.

I then went ahead to copy the content created for me and moved to the next step.

Making Use Of Titles And Descriptions to make money on quora

In the next step, I made use of the title and description of the content created by chatgpt and went back to Quora to create and publish a new post.

To do this, make sure to give your post a title in the form of a heading followed by pasting the content from chatgpt as plain text.

If possible, create subheadings or more headings for ease of readability. When this step was done, the next step came into play.

The Creation of powerful designs or eye catchy images

The use of eye-catching designs is not only important for visuals but also for better search results on Google search images as well as increasing the value of your post.

To create good images for my post, I made use of the platform.

I signed up for a free account and went ahead to start creating quality image designs for my post articles.

Once my designs were ready, I downloaded them, making sure that I renamed each and every one of them before uploading to Quora Post.

If you do not rename the images with specific keywords, it will not do well in search results of Google images, Bing images, yahoo images, and more, thereby reducing your potential reach.

To upload the images to your Quora post, make sure to locate the image icon in your Quora post area and click on it.

Once clicked you will be prompted to upload the renamed image or images to your post.

Using Landing Page Builders

The Next Step was to make sure that we used a landing page builder such as convert or pit

Since Quora does not allow you to paste direct affiliate links inside their platform, it was time for me to make use of the landing page builder. This was where the final step came in

In the final step, I used page builders like pagegpt. pro or

Instead of inserting my affiliate product link inside of Quora, I replaced it with that of my convert kit landing page after I set it up correctly

The great advantage of landing page builder was the fact that I first made sure I collected the email addresses of my readers or clients before redirecting them to my affiliate product link,

in this way, I was able to promote similar products to the various email addresses I collected during my campaigns

The Final talk on how to make money on Quora

Creating and posting content continuously on Quora is profitable in a long long run. It might be slow at the start for you to see traffic, but keep pushing for some time until you start seeing great results.

But for those of you who want fast results, I will recommend running paid ads campaigns on Quora.Check other make-money online tutorials from this blog

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