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How to Lose 15 Pounds in a Month Without Going Crazy

How to Lose 15 Pounds in a Month Without Going Crazy
How to Lose 15 Pounds in a Month Without Going Crazy

Here’s How to Lose 15 Pounds in a Month

After one month, fifteen pounds may not seem like much. In fact, some people might even say it’s just right.

Losing 15 pounds in one month might not be enough to make up for the holiday indulgences, but it’s enough to get you back on track and feeling good about yourself again. Here’s how I did it and what you can do too!

1) Start your day with water

When you’re trying to lose weight, it can be all too easy to overlook how much liquid you’re putting into your body each day. A lot of times we mistake thirst for hunger and reach for snacks when we should be sipping water instead.

To help yourself stay hydrated, try starting every morning with 16 ounces of water before you’ve even gotten out of bed. (Coffee, tea, and juice don’t count!). Drinking plenty of water is essential when trying to lose weight.

2) Don’t get distracted by any food at home

This might sound impossible, but it’s not. The number one thing that gets people off track is that they go to their house and have snacks, says Pete Evans, registered dietitian and co-founder of Fit Foodie Finds.

Go straight to your fridge and stay focused on finding your next meal. This way when you leave again you can be sure not to bring any extras with you.

Also set an alarm on your phone so that when time is up and it’s time for another meal, it will remind you to sit down or take a break from whatever else is distracting you so that you can eat something healthy.

3) Remember breakfast is your most important meal of the day

Any dietitian will tell you that breakfast is one of your most important meals, no matter what time of day it falls. If you don’t eat first thing when you wake up, chances are you’ll skip lunch altogether or grab something unhealthy on your way out.

And even if you do make time for breakfast, it might be sugary cereal or sugary yogurt—which may not make it onto your diet plan at all. One of my favorite breakfasts is two eggs with salsa and black beans.

Mix up some whole-grain toast with an avocado spread and finish off with a piece of fruit to keep blood sugar levels stable while providing energy to tackle whatever comes next.

4) Watch alcohol intake To Lose 15 Pounds in a Month

One drink might not seem like much, but it can add up to around 150 calories. If you’re trying to lose weight, those calories start to matter more and more.

Watch your alcohol intake for a week and see if you’re consuming any more calories than you should be, or if you notice any differences in how you feel when your reach for that glass of wine or beer. Weight loss is about burning more calories than we consume.

If your body isn’t burning off all that alcohol, it doesn’t matter what else is going on; you won’t lose weight no matter how hard you exercise.

5) Mix it up, always keep changing your routine

There’s one simple reason why fad diets don’t work: They are restrictive. Humans are creatures of habit; we love to do what we know and stick with what is safe.

If your morning routine is just making coffee, or if you make it out of bed at a certain time every day, your body is going to get used to that rhythm and figure out how to maintain it (which means maintaining weight).

If you want long-term results—and let’s be honest, who doesn’t?—you need to mix things up as much as possible. Constantly change your diet and workout routine so that you give yourself no time to get comfortable.

6) Letting Go of Some Bad Habits

Bad habits are part of what makes us human. But if you’re trying to lose weight, bad habits can hold you back. If you know that before every work meeting, for example, you can’t stop yourself from eating one M&M or finishing off an entire bag of chips, try to be aware when these food cravings hit.

This can take some practice—and not all at once—but it’ll help make your weight-loss journey more successful and enjoyable. Check Other Related Weight Loss Details Here And Subscribe to this YouTube channel for new post notifications and updates.

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